Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Grumpy Frog

My friend, Megan Kinloch and I worked on children's picture story book "Grumpy Frog". The first print was done yesterday. I'm going to see how it came out later today! Megan says it's awesome :)

I'm looking into how we can self publish the book. Someone recently recommended Kickstarter to me but it only Funds American citizens (sigh). Luckily my lecturer recommended Indiegogo as a viable option for me, I'm now and member but haven't had the time to check out a lot of the features yet but it's a lot like Kickstarter. So I'll probably use Indiegogo then, if all goes well the book could be published.

A lot of sleepless nights went into the project, it was Megan's school assignment but we now want to bodly take it even further. I mean the work has been done.  The book is here, we thought why not publish it? I might get her to write in a few extra pages, or we might tweak some stuff. Who knows?

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