Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Salad chick Returns

It's now happening! I have decided to bring back Salad chick, I have been dying to do this for ages. The script is going to be nuts! I have been refining Salad chick so much that the end product is going to be AWESOME! You know that feeling you get when something is about to happen? This is it!


Visit the link above and be shareholder in the Salad chick Returns comic book publication.

I will keep you all updated
Tafadzwa Tarumbwa

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Beechies Gum

I'm working on a few comic book ideas I'm working on. Recently I illustrated a Children's book "Grumpy Frog". The writer, my friend Megan had the first copy printed yesterday I'm keen to see the print later today :)

Moving on to "Beechies" design.. I was given a challenge to re-brand the Beechies bubblegum packaging at college. Beechies is a very vibrant, young, sexy. I wanted my packaging to reflect that by with bright orange, that makes the packaging radiant. The illustration I placed on the pack is also on the print advert I created. I really enjoyed the class project :)

If you want to gain a greater understanding of Beechies, checkout their website


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Grumpy Frog

My friend, Megan Kinloch and I worked on children's picture story book "Grumpy Frog". The first print was done yesterday. I'm going to see how it came out later today! Megan says it's awesome :)

I'm looking into how we can self publish the book. Someone recently recommended Kickstarter to me but it only Funds American citizens (sigh). Luckily my lecturer recommended Indiegogo as a viable option for me, I'm now and member but haven't had the time to check out a lot of the features yet but it's a lot like Kickstarter. So I'll probably use Indiegogo then, if all goes well the book could be published.

A lot of sleepless nights went into the project, it was Megan's school assignment but we now want to bodly take it even further. I mean the work has been done.  The book is here, we thought why not publish it? I might get her to write in a few extra pages, or we might tweak some stuff. Who knows?