Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hot Stuff: SEASON-ing 1

Thank you for barring with me, and visiting my blog. is currently down but my Engineer is working on that (its tough for small websites like mine but he really does a great job) please be patient with us, and than you for all you support.

Now for some GOOD NEWS...

As an independent animator, you may realize that I have the room to make quick decisions on what to animate. What works, and what doesn't. This requires keeping your ear on the ground on whats happening in the industry. The above image is an extract from my new Work-in-Progress titled Hot Stuff: SEASON-ing 1.

Previously I mentioned a 2d animation software called Crazy Talk animator. Now that I have it, I plan to show the world how powerful it is. Watch my sample animation here, its just a test of how to animate in Hot Stuff: SEASON-ing 1. I'm SO EXCITED about this! Thank you Reallusion for all your invaluable support.


Tafadzwa Tarumbwa

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