Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Crazy Talk Animator

So far I've been fighting several obstacles in the production of my animation mini series "Hooked Alive". Alas, I seem to have made some progress. Less than 15 days ago I stumbled upon Crazy Talk animator. Its a 2d animation software that you can try out for yourself, and from what I'm seeing its good features I could have only dreamt about!

 I recommend any aspiring animators to Download Crazy Talk Animator trial now, and try it out. You might surprise yourself, soon my website will have some Crazy Talk Animator templates for you to try out including the one above; Martin, from my Hooked Alive cast. So now I have the script written out, and all the characters designed I just need to add the full version of Crazy Talk Animator.

Crazy Talk Animator has a function where you could just import an image (as shown above) and use that one image to start animating! You'll be impressed, I know I was. There also have several step by step Youtube videos on how their software package works watch it now!

I'm an animator, and I love it! However somedays you really struggle to push your productions, most days its hard, and during those rainy days. Can your software give you the tools that are effective, and powerful enough  for you to pull through the millions of frames needed? Visit my website and see the full range of animation softwares that I trust and use! Crazy talk Animator is a product you might also want to try out, my favourite feature is the Body pupperteering where you animate by moving your mouse!

Their product has a wide a range of feature PLUS you tube videos, to make your life easier. Enjoy the accesories panel, and facial animation tools. This would be brilliant to use in my future productions!

Enjoy your day! Wish me luck, as a continue progressing in all my art, photography, and animation projects :) CHEERS!

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