Monday, 12 March 2012

Crazytalk Animator templates

Hey.. I've been working on some new stuff since the year begun! I've opened a store on Reallusion's website where Crazytalk Animator users can purchase my content packs and background designs! The store also has a few freebies to try out if you're intrested

One of the first content packs I put in my Store was a theme pack I call War Angel 1st Edition. It includes the gun above, the helmet below, and other military weapons like a Jet fighter etc.

The other content pack I made was these buildings below. Each of the buildings can be purchased in my online store along with other stuff

For those that need car props for your high speed chases and action scenes, I've also created the model below which can be used in Crazytalk Animator v1.2. Just Download it from my store and let the drive begin.

After I finished War Angel 1st Edition, i recently went on to create War Angel 2nd Edition which has swords, and other sharp instruments of death. Great props for a battle scene. As you can see my store intends to provide a wide selection of content for Crazytalk Animator users. Visit my store and just browse through the items there

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