Monday, 31 October 2011


Hey... I've really enjoyed my CrazyTalk animator contest experience. I'll continue to find ways to fine tune my animations until I reach my highest potential :D but for now I have these new images to share.

The image on the top is from a future project I'm hoping to work on ASAP! Being an Angry Birds fan on Friday I drew up the image above. That game's AMAZING! after I scanned it into my machine I coloured it in pencil. I kept the original and uncoloured scan so that I can properly colour it in photoshop.

In the past month been trying out a new software called CrazyTalk animator. Here is my latest animation from it:

Enjoy you day, and feel free to share the video around.

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  1. hello I really like the two brothers cartoon and i would like to use them in a project i am doing if possible please contact me if i can use them....
    thanks Forrest


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