Thursday, 15 September 2011

My "Picasso"

Frankly I had never really admired Picasso's work. I knew that Art History tells us he was GREAT! Despite all the hype I for one wasn't impressed until yesterday.

I had an assignment to paint like one of the great artists Van Gogh and all the others, and I felt that maybe I can try a  Picasso like painting. I used an image of myself as reference (the one I was holding a camera). Suddenly I found myself indulging in Picasso's child like technique. Now, I LOVE his style. Picasso was a genius to have come up with things like this. I can't describe how it feels to paint like this. I don't know if their words I can use.

Originally You can see my "face" there in white, yellows, and brown. You can also see my green fingers holding a blue camera with a dial. If you absorb the image longer, things start to.... change.

My hand starts to look like a banana tree or something, blue begins to feel like an old building. The area around my nose suggests 2 mountains. Creepy? Unintentionally when one paints a Picasso, you give your audience multiple realities. That's the beauty of it.

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