Monday, 13 June 2011

Ninjess (Character design)

I really enjoyed designing this Ninja character, and thought it would be nice to just share it. I made her in Illustrator using the pen tool. I particulary like the eyes of this character, partially hidden with a dark eye shadow. I've been watching too much "Soul Eater". Its an amazing show, I generally never really liked Anime until recently and in my opinion soul Eater is one of my top favourites (so far).

I animate using Toon Boom Studio for those of you who didn't know already, and recently started exploring Illustrator. I hope to keep improving my shading and drawing techniques. For now this is all I had to share, feel free to watch some of my animations on my website As of now Ninjess shall just remain a random character design, my hands shall be tied as I attempt to continue tuckling my pending animation projects namely HOOKED ALIVE and a 2 minute poem by an amazing artist called Elsa. I'm really enjoying changing gears between photography, design and animation! I have so much to learn in all those fields, and won't stop until I become the best I can be in all those fields.
Enjoy those Blogs, I know I do.


  1. This is pretty cool, a lot of promise her, do something with her. Love the cowl like thing covering her face, unique.

  2. I can picture her in a comic book, with a lot of blood and gore

  3. You are a star love! Thnx for the expo.


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