Thursday, 9 June 2011

Yap.. We Can

I was in a Kombi on my way to church and patiently waited for the perfect snap of the baby who was in the seat in front of me. It's a photograph I think suits well with the assignment I was doing. I had to take photographs of any marginalized group, and I chose children. They're always marginalized/ overlooked because of their age. The photograph above is a class example of how conductors only count adults as passengers and wind up leaving out babies like this one. Are they not passengers too?

Nobody told me how hard it is to photograph children, you just can't keep them still. They're kids. It takes a lot of patience to get the snap you wanted, I had originally wanted to photograph my 'model' above on a swing. However she didn't FEEL LIKE IT. :D kids 'ey what can you do? The amazing thing about photographing kids is that you must keep your camera on, and be ALERT for unexpected yet beautiful moments.

I put in the caption "Yes we can" because of how we always assume children cant do certain things and if we give them the chance they might prove us wrong. Yes she can put on her own shoes!

Another "Yes we can" shot above. Yap we can... put on our own shoes if you let us once in a while. How else can we learn these things?

Capturing the above moment was HARD, I wasn't even expecting it. Debra (The kid) had just seen her dad drive into our yard and she dropped everything and put on this look on her face. Never switch off your camera when you're dealing with kids, otherwise you'll completely miss moments like this.

I shall soon be bouncing back to my first passion, Animation! I really enjoy the insight that I've got in learning photography and hope it shall come in handy when I resume my animation project(s). Thanks for visiting my Blog, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed updating it. Take care!

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