Friday, 24 June 2011

The charm bracelet

Good morning my friends and Blog readers. I've enjoyed taking some new photographs.

 Its been a while since I updated my blog, and I thought of starting with something I love: charm bracelets. As a photographer/ designer/ animator I'm intrigued on the amount of detail that goes into the charms. The heart charm on this particular bracelet reminds me of Kat von D's tattoo art. Check out her website.

 The contrast in this image is in my opinion great, her hand was in the sun and most of her charms are in a nice dark shade. The thing I love the most about being here in Durban is the beach, sun, and my friends and classes. Photography has become a new found skill to me, when this year started I fell in love with black and white photography. I enjoy this, and will upload some more photographs soon.

Thank you Anisah, I enjoyed our photo shoot. College has closed today which means this was possibly my last photo shoot at college this semester. I shall post more Blog updates during my 3 week holiday on design. Animation. Photography, and stuff.

From me, I hope you have an amazing day! Until my next post, take care guys. Don't forget to check out Kat von D's amazing tattoo gallery at I love her style.

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