Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Zama - licious

 In order to improve on my photography skills I shall be practising in random shoots with some of my model friends. Zama did a great job in understanding the emotion I wanted. Thanks love, these are some great head shots.I shall also do another shoot soon with Tash from my "Addicted to Jeans" photo-shoot I posted earlier in this blog.


Come to me...  Took this one so that I can play around with the 'depth of field'. Which allows me to blur the hand and focus on the gorgeous Zama.

In the above photograph I just wanted to highlight how I personally don't like ugly horizontal lines on my photos. I prefer to slant my buildings/ furniture at an angle. The only time i would allow some straight/ horizontal subject can work for me is when I'm working on some cooperate work. It all just depends on what project you're working on.

After I had all the photos I wanted I took the one above after asking Zama to give me a random pose. I really enjoyed working on these pics with her. 

Thanks Zama, these are some great head shots.

The above picture was one of my first attempts at HDR photography. I took 5 pictures and layered them one on top of other in photoshop. I ended up using only 3 of the images to compose the hdr fill you can see on the right of the above picture. What I love about hdr is the way detail is enhanced in this case you can see how detailed the tree's reflection is on the rear window. I wish I had a better sky to work with to have more defined cloud detail. I shall keep working on my hdr skills, and those who want to learn about how to achieve hdr photography can visit

For some inspiration on how amazing HDR photography is visit


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