Friday, 3 June 2011

2 point Perspective, BURST of colours and..... a shoe

 The above piece is a 2 point perspective illustration I worked on sometime ago. I loved working on this (as with all my other work) especially the construction lines that are all around the arms and body. If you look at her right arm you can even see that I thought of giving her long sleeves. I'm not really a big fan of hiding my character's arms but sleeves would have helped in giving the free-falling (wind) effect. I then realized that, hey! I can just use a bangle to enhance the pictures free falling feel. Lastly I think not erasing the construction lines seem to do wonders in "creating a feel" for this piece.

Burst of colour. In the above piece I stepped out of my comfort zone and..... used markers, again. If you look closely though you can see a bit of coloured pencil-work in it. Symbiosis? I wanted to portray how connected Zimbabwe and South Africa (in fact..... the WHOLE of Africa) We are somewhat, connected. One can also not how yellow (wealth/Gold), green (Vegetation/ natural resources), and red [blood shed during independence war(s)] are colours we all have in most if not all African flags Zim and S.A included.

Speaking of markers and fine liners, I also used them to draw my shoe below.

Well..... I think thats everything for now, Thank you for reading my post today. Enjoy your Weekend.

All the best
Tafadzwa Tarumbwa

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