Friday, 25 March 2011

Tafadzwa's HALL OF FAME [Entry 001]

Hey! Sometime last year a friend and I went to an art gallery in Harare (Delta). On their lawn outside they have a life size wire sculptor of a bushman camouflaged as an ostrich. I tried my best to illustrate their ingenious hunting technique below when I got home.

I admire how creative and original mankind was back in the day. If I had a hall of fame some of this tribal wisdom would be brought to light. Thanks to great thinkers we now have televisions, & telephones (not cellphones- those cellphone thinkers just upgraded what some did from scratch). I'm an animator I have nothing NOTHING against technology but today's mankind should take a page from our ancestors' relentlessness in discovering and inventing day by day by day after day. None stop! Long live the bush men as the first entry in my personal Hall of fame.

Switch off your computer, go out and invent something today. Discover a solution to any of mankind's problems (without the aid of GOOGLE). When you switch on your machine again feel free to check out my website


  1. without the aid of GOOGLE....
    what? shock! horror!

    but you do make an excellent point.


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