Monday, 28 March 2011

The egg theory.

People, and I don't just mean me, but everyone has certain expectations when watching a movie, or walking into a place or country for the first time. As a designer one must NEVER forget this. To pump up one's adrenaline an artist must avoid the obvious, last week I was watching Hero Wanted. During the whole movie I didn't know what to expect, the guy was a hero WITHOUT super powers or anything! Not even a mask or cape. Poor guy was going against bullets, not in a invisible "rambo" way we've come to expect in movies. One could tell he was struggling through out. Enough about the movie...

Every project a photographer, designer, or animator works on is like an egg. Judging from the colour or size, you can gauge what will hatch out of any given egg. to some extent we have all become familiar with a chicken's egg size and shape. When you see an ostrich's larger egg you know you won't be seeing chickens sitting on it. That's the basic foundation of my egg theory.

Having established that any project/ brief one has is an egg, you should be bold and hatch out results that NO ONE else was expecting. Instead of a mundane ostrich hatch out a pterodactyl or something! When clients hand you an egg they have predictions on the course you shall take with their projects. The danger is if you do what they expected they end up feeling more intelligent than you. Which is not true, thinking alike makes both of you equally intelligent. But you can never get time to explain that, rather hatch the pterodactyl on them, and claim you dominance as a true designer/ photographer/ animator.

Back to my "Addicted to jeans" photo collection. I made a mistake in the photograph above, I love this pic don't get me wrong. I'm proud of the whole "Addicted to jeans" photo collection. However I failed to push the boundary by capturing the lighter flame. My model flicked the switch several times but the flame wouldn't stand. The first thing my Photography lecturer said was she LOVES the photo but I........... should have included THE FLAME! Oouch

The egg theory is not about just thinking ahead, but it's also about going that extra mile to hatch your next BIG IDEA or project. Next time you're holding an egg of any shape or size people should come to expect the unexpected from you. The "Hooked alive" animation project is one of the eggs I'm currently sitting on.

That's The egg theory!

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