Friday, 11 March 2011

Addicted to Jeans (Photographs by Tafadzwa)

I really enjoyed my Photography Assignment! As a bugging designer/ animators I enjoy working with models which helps me to understand the human form. My model was AMAZING! Enjoy my ADDICTED TO JEANS photo collection. Its NOT animation but I recommend all designers to go out once in a while with a camera and study different subjects. This is the first of my many photo shoots to come. Enjoy...

 Addicted to Jeans was my first Photo shoot, I feel that my model was GREAT! As a designer/ budding animator we should all go out and explore the world's using as many mediums as you can find be it painting, photography you name it!

Addicted to Jeans! photographs by Tafadzwa Tarumbwa

I intentionally over exposed the above image in an attempt to capture the wonderful Durban sunshine that spreads from the city all the way to the wonderful beach. Cheers!

Photographs by Tafadzwa Tarumbwa. 

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