Monday, 18 July 2011

Zimbabwean Poetry [Part 1]

Welcome back to my blog. (I hardly take photos of myself, the one above is my most recent on :) During last week I worked with a poet called Elsa Kamsoda, and her producer Tinashe Nguluve (Logunn). Together we made some poetry videos based on Tinashe's poems, perfomed by Elsa, and the filming and directing was done by me. tafadzwa Tarumbwa. Here is the video's link

In this image you can see Elsa Kamsoda the musician/ poet that I recently collaborated with in the making of two poem videos namely Dream on, and World. The poems were written by Tinashe Nguluve (Logunn) and perfomed by Elsa, the two then hired me to direct and film the "Black poetry Whispers" Album, and so far 2 poems have been filmed and edited. Arrangements are being made to showcase the work online.

I really enjoyed my holiday back home, and hope to resume all my pending animation and photography work. The good news is thanks to our hard work, Elsa, Logunn and I now have 2 videos to parade with in the marketing of the "Black poetry Whispers' Album" coming soon! Thank you for reading my blog, cheers!

Watch Elsa in action, in her video titled World:

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