Thursday, 7 July 2011

Peter Birch's School of Art welcomes you

Now that I'm back in Zimbabwe, I was finally able to visit my former school Peter Birch School of Art. This Art college is were I refined my skills and learned how to paint. Now I'm studying and Style Design College in SA Durban. Below is a photograph of me and my classmates.

 Jovante, Cay, Dave, Rasa, me, Ange, Trent, Aj, Jenna, Cisca, Khumoyo, Sims and Ant. Below you'll find some oil paintings by the great Peter Birch. These oil on canvas works are something you have to see with your own eyes, the man is a great painter formerly lived in London and came to Zimbabwe before i was even born, my mother might have been just a baby then (that is if she was even there). Despite his age Peter Birch is at a level most can only dream of, unfortunately most of his works were not on the premises when i got there.

Above are some of the tools Birch uses in his works, brushes and all. I got there and found them drying in the sun. With the classroom empty. I've learned a lot from this man, by the time I decided to take these photographs he had also gone home. That's it for our brief tour of Peter Birch's School of art. Cheers!


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