Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Shall we play?

Hello there!
Most of the time I do 'artistic' photography. I say artistic because I'm an animator and I don't always follow the photography rules if situations call for it I over expose my photographs just to get that.... that feeling. I did that in Addicted to jeans I'm still a student in this wonderful art of photography, and yesterday I found myself taking a series of Playboy's Amazon...

I really really enjoy making photographs like these. I say "making" instead of taking photographs because you have to set the mood when you're doing a photo-shoot. That involves lighting amoungst other things.

For this image I coined the phrase "Shall we play" to give this Playboy deo an appealing feeling that suits well (in my opinion) with its target market. The room I worked in was not as dark as the photograph suggests. I was actually in my room, on my bed, and believe it or not with all curtains open. Using my Sony F282 I think I captured a good mood. I wont say more for now, I will be posting some technical information on how I created this image from the camera to Photoshop and other small apps. To see the camera I use visit http://www.outbackphoto.com/reviews/equipment/sony_f828/sony_f828.html

Feel free to go over my other photographs on this blog, you might find a wallpaper or two for your computer. I thank you for reading my update. Come again soon!

Tafadzwa Tarumbwa

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