Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Avril ingredient

Welcome back! I usually prefer taking my own photographs for class but since Avril is nowhere near Durban, I had no choice. My graphics teacher asked us to design a cd cover that folds in three ways. We had to do one for any musician, amd I chose AVRIL LAVIGNE (hope I got the spelling right). I know I did :) I think her whole rebel/ rock look is a great element to work with when designing. Normally I would have made the surface black instead of white, but lately (for some time now) Avril has shown a gentler more sensitive side. She's (in my opinion) wearing more skirts and less Sk8er boy PUNK! Avril is more sane/ incontrol than most perfoming artists in her genre (I think). She's not only GREAT but stable at it!

HOOKED ALIVE has a character: Sally. She's a bit inspired by Avril sk8er appeal, lets call it Hooked Alive's Avril ingredient. (maybe I should also dye Sally's hair). Recently I've stumbled upon a 2d animation package (Crazy talk Animator) that promises to help me accelerate in my Hooked Alive animation. I'll tell you more about Crazy Talk Animator in my next posts. For now, check out their site, and you can even download the FREE trial for yourself now!

Thank you for reading the post guys! As part of project I made up the track names for my Avril Lavigne - incomplete Album. None of the tracks are real, not even the album (so dont get excited fellow fans). I'm done, and currently playing... Avril's My happy ending :)

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