Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blackrose fantasy


 Two days ago I had an amazing photoshoot with my friend's sister Cyndy. The results are really awesome, and I'm really pleased. My model fitted in perfectly into the dress I had, and the weather was on my side.

Of all the projects I've done this particular photography work is the most accurate depiction of my inner most favourite style. I enjoy fantasy themes, and some degree of gore. My goal was to come up with vampire like esthetics. The quarry where I took these images had some ducks nesting there or something, just the perfect place. I'm still scheduled to do another similar shoot with Cyndy and I'm sure to use more props and models in my next shoot.

I have no words to describe how wonderful it is tolook at these photographs with my name written all over them. The shoot produced more shots that these. The ones I've uploaded are just a fraction of what I got from the shoot. I just hope it gives you an idea of the standards to aspire to maintain and surpass..

Tafadzwa Tarumbwa


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