Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Behind the scenes - FUTURE (Elsa Kamsoda)

These are some behind the scenes photographs from a shoot I did yesterday with Elsa Kamsoda, and Logunn. All the final images we took will be used as album artwork for Elsa's upcoming album called "FUTURE". I really enjoyed the shoot, and above you see me applying some last minute face art on Elsa.


  1. Looks like a very interesting photo-shoot, good work. I am interested in knowing why you used a green screen on it, was it a video as well?

    1. It was just a photo-shoot, went really well. We were experimenting with some visual techniques ne Green screen. The videos will be shot soon

  2. cool l respect what you do man, big fan. Sorry for too many questions but I do photography myself, did you choose to use the yellow work-lights for a reason? because l usually use white daylight bulbs(5500K)as they keep the colors as they are and help set my white balance accurately, Last time I used yellow work-lights and it made color correction harder because the yellow from the lights tinted everything. Thanks

  3. I haven't tried other light bulbs yet. I know how tough colour correction can be with the lighting I have, do you have Blog I can visit. It's always fascinating to get inspiration from other photographers, though in my case I'm mostly an animator who just really enjoys graphic design and photography. With time I hope to get different Lights to have variation.

  4. Thats cool, l get it, and Yes I do have a blog I started,

    but do bare with me I aint got much content on there yet, i understand where you coming from l rely a lot on inspiration for my work that is why I'm here.

    you can also check my facebook page: n Media


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