Saturday, 2 April 2011

Hooked alive [Progress report]

Things are looking up! I've designed the above characters  and I'm currently in the process of drafting the third episode. So far episode 1 and 2's script has been finalized, and the Afrikaans translation (yes! part of the script is in Africaans) the translation for episode 1 is sounding AMAZING thanks to Angelique.

Thanks to my co-producer Trent we have recorded one of the scenes for the show, but the best part is Trent did an AMAZING with Hooked Alive's theme song. It sounds perfect for this show, progress has been made! I've tagged some of my peers involved with the voice acting on the Facebook group. In a mildly related issue, I once made a mini PC game featuring Stunt Goat. The project is still under wraps, and hasn't circled online YET but Hooked alive might later adopt the same route if the animation continues to flow as smoothly as it is. Fingers crossed guys! Last but not least, THANK YOU for visiting my humble blog.


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  1. This sounds really interesting and the characters look good.


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