Friday, 20 May 2011

Random photography

I decided to share a few random photographs I took. I've always been a HUGE fan of black and white photography until today!

I never thought colour could "properly" capture emotion in a photograph. In my opinion it at times feels as if the presence of colour takes away emotion. B&W photography leaves you curious, it kind of.... stimulates the mind more. I was however wrong in assuming colour photography has less emotion in it because Dave Hill's works are AMAZING (google him!) his website has the most moving colour photo collection I've ever seen! Its what the 'professionals' call hdr photography. Hdr involves at lest 3 photographs that are layered/ merged together to create one HIGHLY DETAILED piece of art. It can tend to look a bit animated but make no mistake, its photography! GREAT photography, its so great I want to venture in a similar path from now. B&W photography has brought me up to here but HDR is the future, you can see it being applied on Movie posters, and wrestling merchandise! Its AMAZING....

Thanks (Linky: my photography lecturer) for introducing me to this great world I didn't know was out there. Black and white photography, and Hdr are the only photography roads to take.

cheers guys!


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  1. Now there's pure fresh talent right there! You've tapped into my love of photography and made me want to be a part of it on a professional level again. This is truely inspiration. Hearted...Ackie(KingdomRags)


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